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**Went with non shave option( 20% extra charge)** I DONT RECOMMEND non shave option. You can read more on my day 7th post below.

Hey everyone

I am creating this thread as I have been active on this forum for a while and received a lot of help from the members, who helped me to make the decision for the right clinic and the doctors. I would like to return the favour and I hope my journey will help people who are looking for the right clinic and surgeons.

Before I write my journey, please note that I am writing my own true personal experience and this is in no shape or form a marketing stunt for the clinic or the doctors. I wish to portray the right picture for anyone who wants to know the real experience at Eugenix and my outcome.

I am not going into details about Accommodation, food etc because I flew to India to get the surgery done so I will stick to the most important parts.

To be brief, you will either be picked by Eugenix staff or an OLA cab will be pre booked. You will either stay at Eugenix or a hotel which is 100mtrs away from Eugenix. I recommend that you stay at Eugenix main building. You can arrange all this with the clinic.

Food at Eugenix: You can order the food depending on what you like. Please note that its very hard to find non spicy dishes. After experimenting, I could only find Afghani chicken as non spicy so check with the clinic if you dont eat spicy food.

Flew on Dec 19th and reached on Dec 20th at 2AM

Dec 20th- Bfast at 9 AM. My blood tests were taken around 10AM and results came in around 5pm. If possible, get the tests done in your home country and email the results to Eugenix before flying in. This will save your day as I felt that I wasted Dec 20th. I met Dr Arika Bansal around 6pm who looked at my scalp and had a short chat about next steps for Dec 21st. Dr Bansal is great so you should ask any questions that you might have.


Dec 21st- Bfast at 9. Lunch at 12pm. I met Dr Sethi around 1.30PM ( Dr Sethi’s flight was delayed from Mumbai and that’s why could not meet earlier in the morning) Dr Sethi is very lively person and I felt good meeting him for the first time. My scalp and hair was looked at and I was taken to this room to draw the hairline and temples. I took my time and did some minor changes on what I wanted for myself.

(This is very important. Take your time and make sure that you are happy with the hairline drawn etc.)

I changed into sterile clothes for the surgery room and was taken to the operation theatre. People present in the room were: Dr Sethi, Dr Alok and 4-5 technicians.

Dr Alok started giving me local anaesthesia. A vibration device was held to my head where the needle was being injected to make it less painful. This was done in an area to take my few grafts and evaluate it.

The graft evaluation result:

Thick healthy grafts and overall-

60% grafts- triples

40% grafts- Doubles

I had no single hair in any grafts so doubles were made into singles for the hair line and the areas of the temples

My blood was taken and PRP done at this stage.

Local anaesthesia is uncomfortable but not something that I would scream and say Holy S**t. Basically this is given all over the head and anytime you feel a little pain, you let the doctors know and they will give you more of it. Please note that at the end of the day it’s a surgical procedure so a little bit of sting sensation will be there. Some parts of head wont feel a thing and others might feel a sting or once or twice you might say ouch !!

Once head was numb for the procedure, Dr Sethi made all the slits for my hair line and temples. Dr Arika Bansal did the extractions and the technicians implanted the grafts. When extraction is done from the back of the head, you will be lying on stomach and for longer period you may feel uncomfortable. I wanted to move so I asked for a short break. It took 7-8 hours the first day and I had couple of breaks. During the breaks, the technicians would massage your shoulders and back to get the blood flowing as you are lying down for a long time. I would suggest to ask for a can of coke or another sugary drink to get your energy levels up. The room also has a TV so you can ask for your favourite music to be put on. Trust me this would help to get the time pass quicker.

Grafts are being counted and written on the board. 

At the end of the day on 21st, I had 2112 grafts implanted on my frontal part except the hair line. The whole team is involved and after slits were made by Dr Sethi other doctors such as Dr Bansal, Dr Alok and technicians were involved.

Dec 22nd- Bfast at 8AM. Surgery at 9AM. This is the day to reconstruct the temples and hairline. Slits were already there so Dr Alok gave the local anaesthesia and Dr Bansal , Dr Alok did the extraction.

When the extraction was being done, the hair could not be implanted on temples simultaneously as I was lying on my stomach. The grafts might be outside for 30-40 minutes. After the extraction,  the technicians implanted the grafts and was supervised by Dr Bansal, Dr Sethi few times. Please note that Dr Alok is equally good at what he does including giving the local anaesthesia. The 2 technicians who were implanting are working with Eugenix for 8 and 5 years.

Day 2 took around 4 hours and 1000 grafts were implanted.

Total grafts- 3112

The same day, I rested and got to the airport at 11pm as my flight was at 3:30AM on Dec 23rd.

One great tip- I skipped all the queues at airport and immigration as I wasn’t shy about my surgery and went to ask for the queue to be skipped which they allowed every time. I was also the first one to board the flight everytime.

I made my decision after meeting few Eugenix patients beforehand, the results, Doctors education, experience and reputation and I can say that I made the right choice.

Cost of blood test- Rs 3200

Cost of medicines – Rs 5000 app.(Exc. Fin and Minoxidil)

I purchased liquid form- Mixture of Minoxidil & Fin( Please note I will not be taking Fin. Tablets)

20% discount on per graft if you book in advance. 20% extra charge on non shave option. Please check their website. 18% tax is extra

So this is my experience and I hope the above is helpful. I highly recommend Eugenix and according to my experience I made the right decision and was a perfect place for me to go ahead with the surgery.

Do your own research before deciding but I hope my review will help you make that decision.

I will keep posting my pictures and my full journey until I have full head of hair :) Hopefully!!

All the best to everyone !!



















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Posted Images

Day 3 after surgery

Left side donor is tender and cant touch the pillow or feel burning sensation. Been sleeping in 45 degree elevation with flight neck pillow but find it very uncomfortable.

I suppose will have to somehow manage until donor area heals.

Excuse the haircut. Will decide what to do with it after 2 weeks 😀











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Congratulations @Looking for HT . Great write up. I wish you the very best of great growing which Im sure you will get. The micro irregularities in your hairline are superbly done, this will give you a really natural hairline.

You have chosen great doctors and clinic @Eugenix Hair Science , just as I did.

..................All the best ..............



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24 minutes ago, paddyirishman said:

Congratulations @Looking for HT . Great write up. I wish you the very best of great growing which Im sure you will get. The micro irregularities in your hairline are superbly done, this will give you a really natural hairline.

You have chosen great doctors and clinic @Eugenix Hair Science , just as I did.

..................All the best ..............



Cheers mate. Looking forward to June 2020😀

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@Looking for HT Great write up Sir. All the best for your result. 

Kind Regards
Abhinay Singh  -  Representative for Eugenix Hair Sciences
Email : info@eugenix.in    WhatsApp Call/Message: +91 79-779-15534          My Hair Transplant Journey 
I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.

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3 hours ago, ahmedabad_guy said:

Great write up @Looking for HT I liked the point you have covered about pain. People need to understand there is always some sort of pain if procedure is surgical it is never painless. I am sure You will have great results.good luck.

Absolutely.  Everyone has a different pain threshhold I suppose but this was my experience.  However,  nothing that you cant bear :)

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Day 4-

Past 3 days, I had swelling in my forehead and nose bridge but I have been massaging it. Today the swelling has gone down so a good sign.

Still sleeping only in upright position at 45 degrees with 2 pillows under arms each side so I dont turn in my sleep.  It works.

For me its an uncomfortable position but needs to be done.




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Congrats on your new procedure, thanks for posting. I will be following your progress closely. Happy growing 😊

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I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

My Hair Transplant Journey

Melvin- Associate Publisher and Forum Moderator for the Hair Transplant Network, the Coalition Hair Loss Learning Center, and the Hair Loss Q&A Blog.

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Day 5

I am having hard time and feel very uncomfortable to sleep in upright position at 45 degrees on my back without turning.  After a while the flight neck pillow feels like a brick 😀Anyone has any suggestions?

Pictures from today. Crusts forming on frontal part. In donor area left side seems a bit more tender than the right.







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2 minutes ago, Curious said:

I always thought the slits sealed up within hours, I guess I was wrong. 

I thought the same. So next day when they were going to do extraction , I asked when will the slits be made and I was told they are still there from the previous day and can remain there for 3 days.

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6 hours ago, tesla007 said:

Congratulations. Please post a pic of your donor area now. Did they give you something for faster healing? And they did FUE without shaving the whole head, right?

Wish you the best.

Hey mate. Check the latest post below

They trimmed my donor area but the rest of hair stayed. Exactly as my latest Day 6 pictures

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Day 6

Tomorrow will be my first headwash.

I have been taking post op care of both recipient and the donor area as instructed by the Eugenix.

Still not sure what to do with the rest of the hair. Might have to trim it all.

Back to work on Jan 6th so will decide then 😀

The white stuff in donor area is the ointment that I apply twice a day.






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