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Stopping minoxidil

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I have decided to get a hair transplant.

I stopped Finasteride due to side effects and am seeing a big difference in the last 6 months: (going from Norwood 3/4 to 6). I have continued Minoxidil for now.

Do you think I should stop minoxidil and let all the weak hair fall out so I can maximise my transplanted DHT resistant grafts? I am not planning on having multiple transplants

Appreciate all thoughts and opinions


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For how long were you on Finasteride?  What was the side effect? Have you been consulting with a doctor?  Perhaps they recommended taking the med every other day?  

So you've gone from a 3, (add a transplant procedure and you have virtually a full looking set of hair), to a 6, (now you don't have enough donor to accomplish a full looking set of hair). Consider it takes a full year to get Finasteride out of your system.  

Once the hair is gone, the hair never returns.  I would not only stay on Minoxidil, I would add a laser.  I would also give this a year before doing anything.

Post photos.  It would be nice to see what donor you have.  

I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish.  What are your goals?  If you are planning on only one procedure.....do nothing.  Go on vacation, take a cruise...forget about the hair.


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Thanks you and sorry for the slwo reply. Life has been busy with Christmas and family.

I stopped finasteride because of sexual and mood side effects. My family doctor said some people experience this and it is adviseable to stop. Seems this is widely reported on the internet too, so it's not just me.

I'd rather be bald than have sexual and mood sides. I thought transplant is good because it might keep my hair but avoid finasteride.

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