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Finasteride and SSRI

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Does anyone in this forum take both of these successfully?

 If so, for how long? and what doses? What type of SSRI?

If I recall correctly, SSRI have side effects of hair loss. 

I’ve been told there is no interaction between them by pharmacist. However, I know both have side effects in libido and ED. 

Being on SSRI for 15 years, I am ok with where my Libido is. Just not sure of taking two drugs with these side effects together for different purposes. 

Although I don’t believe a combination of the two lead to a super anti-libido drug, but would need a biochemist too and that one potentially

 I am also aware of the nocebo effect. That may occur as well and can make it difficult for those undergoing this phenomena to determine if it’s physical or psychological.

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Been on citralopram 40mg daily for 10 years. Started fin 1.25 mg 1.5 months ago. Had a week of brain fog and testicular ache for 10 days. All good now. No issues.  

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