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Dear Fellow Growers,

Have got some questions about FUE if someone can help answer, I will be grateful! I have done a lot of research but would appreciate the opinion of the experts in this forum.

  1.  Does anyone have an experience with partially shaved FUE (for small #grafts, ~`1700)?   I have heard a review that it can results in irregular patterns in donor area?
  2. Have anyone experienced shock loss of native hair in case the recipient area already have hair but one wants to thicken it?
  3. What can be done to prevent or reduce the chance of shock loss?  
  4. I am not losing hair or shedding now, do I still need to be on propecia? Any sexual side effects? and if any are they permanent? (I am not using anything now other than Nutrafol which is amazing)
  5. When can you start lifting and doing crossfit after surgery? safest most conservative estimate, it is not the biggest deal :)
  6. When can you resume blow-drying and using products on your hair like Toppik,  mousse, thickening powder, etc Basically when can you go back to your normal hair routine after the surgery and forget about hurting the grafts?


Thanks friends!



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2 hours ago, hakona said:

Does anyone have an experience with partially shaved FUE (for small #grafts, ~`1700)?   I have heard a review that it can results in irregular patterns in donor area?


If you only need some frontal work done then you can try what Legend007 did. Let your hair grow long and have them shave only an area in the back where they need to extract grafts and the recipient area in the front. If you grow your hair long enough you can let your hair cover the donor area pretty well. Don't try to have only a thin donor strip shaved though. That's where you will end up with an irregular area due to too many grafts being extracted from a small area. Legend007 had 2500 grafts, so if you only need 1700 you may not need to have as large a donor area as he had. Check out Legend007s thread here



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4. If you're not losing hair now AND your hair loss Norwood pattern is at it's final stage (using your best guess to family history), then I wouldn't take finasteride. If you're likely to loose additional hair in the next 3-5 years (or slow recession back) it is probably beneficial to take fin. Also: some members take much less than the 1 or 1.25 mg dose, so maybe do more research and see if that's something you want to try.  I thought I had side effects before I started fin (when I incorrectly thought I was taking fin) that I attributed to fin, so I know that some of the side effects are mental. I also know that I've experienced some, mostly slight, sexual side effects. It was mostly "mood" related. I definitely had more side effects when I tried sertraline. It was way worse with sertraline than anything I've ever experienced with fin. Worse "mood" for sex, can't get hard, and can't finish. All in different combinations all the time, sometimes 1 of the 3, sometimes a mix, sometimes all 3. So this is all to say that it's not that bad, at least not for me. I also, as a precaution, take fenugreek 800mg x2 and tribulus 1000mg x2. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn't, but it makes me feel better knowing I am doing something - and knowing I'm doing something is what makes me not experience as many side effects.

5. I think the legal answer is 7-9 days after the procedure. I took 30 days off from lifting and drinking alcohol to just play it safe. I slimmed down during that time! I think I would wait at least 2 weeks, but I would probably play it safe again and wait 4 weeks if I were to go through another procedure. If it's not a quality of life issue, wait. If you "need" it, wait 2 weeks.


Those are the ones I can answer with good certainty. Best of luck with your other questions!

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