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Thinking of taking the second plunge for my mid-scalp. Kindly suggest.

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Alright so here I go.
I am 28 now and had my first HT 3 years back to refine my hairline for about 2135 grafts. As MPB is a b*&*&*, it is hitting my mid sections now where I am thinning. I stopped finasteride since I was not too fond of the sides.
The current condition is not super super bad considering I can hide it with my back hair as well as the new ones in the front . But it is going to be bad, where I will have a weird bald patch in between. I want to get things done before I hit that desperation phase. 
I am sharing my pictures prior to my 1st HT and my current condition. 

I spoke to my surgeon, and he has left it on me to decide whether to take the second plunge or leave it for another two years. Also as I am more conservative on the grafts as I will need them in the future as well, so the doctor suggested 800 grafts from the beard. 
I normally don't get to travel that much, hence I was thinking of getting it done this Jan when I travel. 

  1. What do you guys think should I go ahead or wait?
  2. How many grafts are needed at least as I need to account for future receding further back too. The doctor suggested 1800 
  3. Should I start finasteride ?
  4. My first choice is dr Bhatti as I had my first procedure with him. Feel free to give suggestions who you think would also be good in the mid-section . 

Here is my first procedure. 






IMG_3831 (1).jpg






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You're going to need to have it done eventually or else you will be stuck with a band of hair on the hairline and nothing behind it. You are almost there now except that you still have enough surrounding hair to cover it if you comb it a certain way. Why wait until you can't cover it? Since you will definitely need to have it done at some point, just take care of it now before it gets so bad that it bothers you every day.


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It is imperative you get on something.  Rogaine, Laser...Perhaps PRP at the time of the procedure.  PRP will help not only bring the grafts in sooner but can help reverse miniaturization. 

You are doing a good job covering.  What's the rush?  Why not give the meds a chance to see if they'll work.  And, if they do, you can then move forward with the grafts and perhaps even change your hair style.  

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