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Thinking of taking the second plunge for my mid-scalp. Kindly suggest.

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Alright so here I go.
I am 28 now and had my first HT 3 years back to refine my hairline for about 2135 grafts. As MPB is a b*&*&*, it is hitting my mid sections now where I am thinning. I stopped finasteride since I was not too fond of the sides.
The current condition is not super super bad considering I can hide it with my back hair as well as the new ones in the front . But it is going to be bad, where I will have a weird bald patch in between. I want to get things done before I hit that desperation phase. 
I am sharing my pictures prior to my 1st HT and my current condition. 

I spoke to my surgeon, and he has left it on me to decide whether to take the second plunge or leave it for another two years. Also as I am more conservative on the grafts as I will need them in the future as well, so the doctor suggested 800 grafts from the beard. 
I normally don't get to travel that much, hence I was thinking of getting it done this Jan when I travel. 

  1. What do you guys think should I go ahead or wait?
  2. How many grafts are needed at least as I need to account for future receding further back too. The doctor suggested 1800 
  3. Should I start finasteride ?
  4. My first choice is dr Bhatti as I had my first procedure with him. Feel free to give suggestions who you think would also be good in the mid-section . 


My first procedure is here for anyone to see 









IMG_3831 (1).jpg


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