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18 month update 1600 grafts dr Diep

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Hello all,

My apologies for leaving this Update so long.Its been 18 months now since HT from dr Diep,I’m not going to comment much on if I’m satisfied or not with the results,I will say it’s nice not to be obviously  receding at the front,but instead of being self conscious about my receding hair line now I just mostly am self conscious about my donor area.We all know donor depletion is a possibility in HT,So I cannot blame the surgeon for my donor area I guess.im going to leave picture below of donor area today after the shortest hair cut I’ve gotten since the procedure and picture of front transplant area,tomorrow I’m going to be getting Smp done on my donor,which I’m hoping can be of significant cosmetic improvement,I don’t have slot of picture of hair before procedure but I was between 2-3 Norwood,the red lines in picture are where I had HT.5317596A-3E20-42A2-B30B-CE35CBE51195.thumb.jpeg.fde1eea0e66ae8d501c7954b1e0394f1.jpeg






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I will also add that the patchiness is not only at the back of head it also wraps around one side of my head,I wouldn’t like to imagine how things would look had I had more grafts removed.Anyway this post not in any way meant to belittle the work/skill of the surgeon,It’s just the reality  of what it looks like ,

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This is very unfortunate to see especially with only 1600 grafts like you said this should not happen at all, but if you do more research about Diep he is known for bad donor management. Sorry that this has happened to you.. on the bright side your hair looks good on top. 

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Hey James, 

Welcome back, I can't comment on the results, as the pictures posted are too dark and low-quality. Try to take some pictures outside in natural lighting, so we can see what the results look like. In regards to the donor area, I think we are our own worst critics, and I honestly don't think anyone takes a second glance at your donor area. Personally, I don't think you need to do anything about the donor, but if you think SMP would help with your confidence. I say go for it.

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