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Scabs/Crust or Something Else , Please Help!

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Hi, Its been 7 days after my FUE hair transplant and everything went good.

But after my 3rd hair wash I started to see some more white/yellow liquid kinda things around my transplanted hairs, I know scabs and crust appear, but i want to confirm from educated people here with their opinion, please tell is it scabs or something else.

I observed after hair wash these things looks more and pop out but later it dry out and doesn't highlight that much but still can be seen if look closely.

Some hairs can also be seen in hand when you rub a little, so is that also okay or is it a sign of something.

Please tell with the help of attached images that the white thing/liquid surrounded my hairs are crust/scabs or should I worried and also is it fine to have these hair fall out like this during gentle rubbing.

Please zoom as it gives more clarity.








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It looks like they possibly did not insert the grafts deep enough meaning the holes that were made for the grafts to be placed into were not made deep enough. This may or may not turn out OK. The hair is supposed to shed, so that is fine. The skin coming off with the shedding grafts could just be dead skin portions that were sticking out due to not being placed deep enough. The excess portions sticking out will shrivel and die, but the underneath could be fine. It's hard for me to tell.


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