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Post-Op Smoking Weed and Weightlifting

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Hi all, just had a FUE of 600 grafts to my hairline and temples

Wondering when it is ok to smoke weed and lift weights?

My post-op care from the doctors office says I can resume normal workouts after Day 7, but reading on here it seems people say 14 days. Not sure what to follow. Is 10 days enough time to resume weightlifting? (bench press, incline press, machines). One of the the technicians doing my surgery said I "could do handstands after Day 7"-lol really?!? 

When is it ok to resume smoking weed? Is 10 days enough time? Didn't feel like asking my doc that lol


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I waited 2 full weeks before hitting heavy weighs at the gym, I would be cautious about doing so at 7-days post op.

No clue on the 420....but if your profile name suggests, if your doc/clinic is in Denver why would you feel uncomfortable asking them if it was okay? 

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Like many post-op guidelines, it varies quite drastically from surgeon to surgeon (which to this day, I don't fully understand how this happens), which causes confusion and misinformation. It's my understanding that the longer wait times for physical activity apply more to guys who have done Strip, as you don't wanna risk straining and stretching the scar. It would also depend on what your version of a normal workout is. Personally, by day 10 the grafts are extremely secure and it would take a lot of impact to dislodge them. If you feel physically up to it, I don't see what risks would be involved lifting weights.

As for smoking weed, I think you're totally fine and can't imagine there being any risk whatsoever - but as CosmoKramer mentioned, you're in Denver! I'm sure it's a question your doctor gets all the time, so run it by him for peace of mind if you want. 

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I think my advice was 3 weeks and I started back lifting at about 70% my normal weights.  Light exercise like walking from day 7 is fine so long as you are not in the heat and sweating.

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Mine told me to wait a month before hitting the gym.

I lift some heavy weights and sometimes my head becomes red as a tomato. Maybe that pressure in the head gives an extra bump in circulation? LOL


As for smoking, I would simply quit just to play it safe. At least until the hair grows back. Don't take my word for it since it's only a guess.

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