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touched my transplanted

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Hey guys,

at 8 days after the surgery i though thats the 10th day and at the shower i removed my scabs with my hand under the shower.

i didn't dislodged the grafts or anything but im a little worried that i damaged my grafts.


What do you think?

any practical opinions?

My head looks ok (the doctor said but he is far away and wouldnt be able to answer my other questions),

even good...

May the graft be damaged even though the head looks ok?

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@Yaniv054 aftet 8 days your grafts are well and truly anchored so you wouldn't have done any damage.

 You done the right thing by running the scabs off at that stage also.  So all is good and very happy growing.

All the best


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So why are they always want us to wash them off only at the 10th day (which is the 11 after surgery)?

Thanks Paddy!

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Every surgeon is going to have different rules and protocols for how to handle the grafts after your HT. As Paddy mentioned though, at Day 8, your grafts are completely secure and it would take blunt force to dislodge them in any way. In fact, it's a happy accident that you removed the scabs when you did, as you want to promote healing as fast as possible - and leaving dry, crusty scabs on your scalp for an extended period of time isn't ideal. 

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