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Scott Medikemos

Dr. Lupanzula - Medikemos 2329 grafts FUE Crown reconstruction

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FUE: 2329 Fu’s

Crown reconstruction by Dr. Lupanzula. Angle and direction are crucial in achieving a natural whirl pattern requiring skill and experience.

- 32 years old man
- Goal: Crown, Ø = 8 cm

Density: 45 Fu's/cm2

Total Fu's : 2329
I hair : 284
II hairs : 1066
III hairs : 874
IV hairs : 105

H/G : 2,34

Patient Liaison Manager

To learn more about our clinic, Dr. Lupanzula's work and our results, you could visit the following websites:
Our English language website:

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263 Av. Brugmann, 1180 Bruxelles Belgique


Crown recon.JPG


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I’ve never seen such a defined area thinning in the crown area with good density immediately around it.  9-month photo looks great after 2,000+ grafts.

I am an online representative for Carolina Hair Surgery & Dr. Mike Vories (Recommended on the Hair Transplant Network).

View John's before/after photos and videos:  http://www.MyFUEhairtransplant.com

You can email me at johncasper99@gmail.com

I am not a medical professional and my opinions should not be taken as medical advice.

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The “after” photo looks slightly off as the patients head is not tilted as far back as in the “before” photo, so if the patient returns for a follow up it would be great to see a more matched up comparison. That said, results look great, and natural with the hair in proper direction.

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Agreed, the angle differs slightly but the aesthetic change is clear to see and even if the angle were exactly the same the actual overall appearance would be the same.


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