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Finasteride controversy

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Dear All

On of the link below is in French , the other one is from reuters . Both links relates to Finasteride on whether or not the finasteride could be soon out of the market , the justice is getting a strong interest/focus on fews cases were people comitted suicide after taking the drug . 

Now it all comes back to my intial fear , part of my head are still my natural hairs  , more or less maintained by the drug , even if I am 44 years old , the drug still work on me quite efficiently . 

and If I stop taking the drug the hairs are going to fall of and the whole thing will look completely unatural . 

But , I am book on the 29.11 at Haittingen for a 3500 grafts session to "work" on the area that is not currently grafted . 

So the real question remains now , am I doing this surgery to early ? 

after 4HTs already I can not go wrong anymore and without the drug and my previous surgery I will surely be a norwood 5/6 .... 

What do you think guys ? 




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If you're not sure that you should do anything right now then perhaps you shouldn't. That is no correct answer either way that anyone can give you. Nobody but you knows how much the current situation bothers you or doesn't bother you.



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