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Thoughts on ASMED Turkey

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Hello everyone, 

I’ve been silently following the work of Dr Koray Erdogan at ASMED and found many mixed reviews. Most got good results with few not so.

so what is the final verdict here. 

I’m based in the middle east so having the transplant in Turkey is my best option logistically and financially.

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Stop. Save yourself misery. Dont ever look at what the clinic posts on forums. Always look at what patients post they are your on average results. They have 6 patients a day potentially 30 a week 120 a month but the best asmed can find to post is 1 a month at best. Dont let price influence you, if you cant afford trully ethical doctors then dont do it.

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Just factor in having to go back a second time, paying for a higher amount of grafts than 99% of other clinics would quote that either A) aren’t even there or B) don’t grow. 
Avoid. Pay for an actual doctor to perform your surgery, not a group of young girls. 

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48 minutes ago, Sean said:

do you want to be the only surgery of the day?  Do you want only the surgeon to work on you?  

of course i dont pretend the doctor all day for me, i just expect he would have been more present during the surgery. As i said i barely saw him, actually i never saw him as i have explained in my blog.

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2 hours ago, wallace said:

if you want to know my experience with koray read this blog:


Feel free to write a detailed review on here, but please don’t promote your personal blog. 

I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

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