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I am 1.5 months post OP but my hair is growing quicker (seems to be due to my younger-than-average-patient's age of 25), with first proper growth spotted at 1 months post OP (verified by the clinic); guess that I can start to compare myself to the ugly ducking phase.

Some days I look myself in the mirror and feel super bad, as if the age is getting better of me (at 25, LOL). With determination to improve it doesn't really bother me as much, as I'm looking forward, but if someone saw me especially at this stage and then when the hair grows out it would be a great contrast. Even without this contract I myself feel very weirded out by what I see sometimes and miss myself with more hair on top (even if NW 2.5). It's a waiting game now, looking forward to this stage ending soon and starting to notice even more growth.

The current growth now is not visible at a distance much and only when inspecting close in person.

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