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Supplements difference

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Are the ones offered by the clinic necessary better (post transplant - shampoo, tablets, Minoxidil)? I am based in the south of Eastern Europe and have noticed that most of the stuff is expensive here. Personally, I get stuff online much cheaper (mostly, Amazon).

If I get good stuff online, will it necessary be worse than the ones offered by the clinic? I am thinking it's a no but then maybe the clinic knows what's better for me? However, if so, I can still take this knowledge and get it myself? I am talking like 50 Euros per month difference (I am a student).

Edit: The ones provided by the clinic seem to have their own label (with the clinic's name). I am not sure if they produce at their own factory.

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59 minutes ago, Raphael84 said:

What products are they specifically?

1. The Scalp Prescription - Liquid Gold Plus Scalp Treatment Shampoo.

2. The Scalp Prescription - Micronutrients Advanced.

3. Scalp Drops Plus 2HA.

Can provide a photograph if it will be helpful.

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