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Abhinay Singh

Corrective Hair Transplantation - Hairline Science and Aesthetics

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It's no surprise that we get most people who are profoundly aesthetically aware – celebrities, politicians, entrepreneurs and others in the public eye. They know that when it comes to perfection, Eugenix is the place to go to for hair transplantation.
In a first of it’s kind, we are bringing forth these series of self-help tutorials wherein Dr Pradeep Sethi himself will be educating the hair transplant seekers regarding what should be and what shouldn’t! Here at Eugenix, we are drenched into the Psychology of hair transplant. We eat, sleep and breathe just that. And hence we are unable to afford performing any other kinds of cosmetic/dermatology procedures.
Perfection does not just happen… it has to be made. Since hair transplant is more of an aesthetic entity, art is in it’s core. The hair transplant surgeon and the team performing along have to be masters in it. Like we believe here at Eugenix - “God is the greatest designer and artist”, we try to imitate the facial aesthetics that the creator might have given to the individuals who place their trust in us.
‘Natural’, ‘wow’, ‘can’t believe that it’s transplanted!’ and ‘beautiful’ are some words that are usually used to describe our results by others. The hairline, crown, temples and the donor areas – their augmentation and preservation; it is a phenomenon in itself. Eugenix Hair Sciences believes in giving the best possible to every case. We understand the core of your hair and customise every design to enhance your look. More than 80% of our past patients reveal that nobody could make out that they have got a hair procedure done. And more than 90% of our patients are being referred by our old patients.
In the series that we present to you, you shall continuously witness Dr. Pradeep Sethi/Dr. Arika Bansal themselves give you the details regarding the what, why and hows of hair transplantation.
The video above is of the hairline and how important it is for the final look. As they say “the hairline is the gateway to the face”, Dr. Pradeep Sethi shall explain to you how much of an artistic aptitude is necessary for it’s designing. You shall get to know everything that you might have wondered about in the video above. It is going to be quite a ride as we bring forward all of our beliefs and knowledge to you. And we hope that this little effort of ours helps us give back to the society and individuals going through the trauma of hair loss. We are going to come up with more videos and provide details about a different aspect of hair transplant including temple recreation, frontotemporal angles, donor aesthetics and futuristic approach to manage hair loss. Watch out this space for more.
As is our motto “Do it once but do it right!”




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Kind Regards
Abhinay Singh  -  Representative for Eugenix Hair Sciences
Email : info@eugenix.in    WhatsApp Call/Message: +91 79-779-15534          My Hair Transplant Journey 
I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.

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Excellent Presentation and very educational video @DrPradeep. You and @Dr Arika Bansal and all your team @Eugenix Hair Science are true leaders in the world of Hair Transplantation. You have been consistently showing really really impressive results over many years now .

I look forward to my trip to India and meeting you Dr.Pradeep for my own Hair Transplantation the week after next.


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