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Doctor Cinik - FUE Hair Transplant 20.09.19 - 4200 grafts

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On 8/20/2020 at 6:20 AM, Belman said:

So guys, today is the 11 month mark. I havent posted since 9 months because I wanted to leave it to see if there was much more difference. Not sure there has been much more growth over this period, or maybe its more difficult to notice at this stage. But if this the end of my growth then I am more than happy with the result. Obviously there are some areas thicker than others, but with realistic expectations I think dr Cinik (he done the incisions) and his team have done a great job. 

Below I've listed my latest pics.


Below I've done a timeline collage throughout the process which really shows how far I've come in the process. 


As I've said, I'm more than happy with the result and any further growth from now would be a bonus. Will keep updating every couple of months until around 18 months. Stay safe.

This looks quite good. What’s the shortest u can go in the donor before u see issues? R u happy with the donor?

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Thanks @JohnAC71 really appreciate the positive feedback.

Hi @LonelyGraftI have had donor area down to a number 1, but generally have  a number 2. I havent noticed any issues at all with my donor area. Extremely happy with my result given where I was, and I believe i have enough donor to get a top up, however this would not be my attention. I accept I will never have full head of thick hair, but my aim was to have strong hairline which I feel has been achieved and a strength of Dr Ciniks work.

From my experience I think Dr Cinik and his team have been excellent.


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I've also just seen this post and I think that is an excellent result Belman. You obtained a lot of coverage from one pass. Your donor looks great but most of all I think the hairline is excellent. It's not only natural looking but the height of it is perfect! You look ten years younger and you will now be able to grow into that hairline for the rest of your life (as opposed to growing out of a low hairline). All the best!

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