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best FUT post-op strategy?

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just had my transplant done, on Tuesday 15th. 3100 grafts, 6586 hairs. 

I've currently got bad swelling around my forehead and it has gone to the sides of my face, so i've currently got a really fat head! I'm continuing to take Medrol and using icepacks. 

I got comprehensive post-op instructions from the surgery (Dr. Devroye) . I stayed at the clinic overnight, so have followed it to the letter so far. His team took care of Day `, before I then came back home. 

It's now approaching the end of Day 2 - i've not done anything really - just panicked a bit over my fat face due to the swelling. I hope it gets better over tonight!

Q. I do not appear to have lost any grafts yet - when can i expect 'shock loss' to happen?

Q. I did buy a spray bottle, but the post-op instructions do not mention continuing to spray the grafted area with water (i had to for the first night only). What would you guys do, continue to spray and keep the area moist? Or just leave it alone?

Q. The instructions tell me I can use ph neutral shampoo and clean my head 48 hours after. I'm planning to leave it till Sunday before attempting my first careful hair wash. 

Or is it better to wash it all sooner? I'm thinking i should leave it, to let the grafts really settle in nicely - but it also means i will have a very greasy head!

any other tips and advise? I have a very important final interview next Thursday so right now i just hope the swelling goes....



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Shedding can happen anywhere from a few days to a few weeks after (or in very rare cases, never). For me, it only started after about 3 weeks. YMMV. Shock loss is a different phenomenon which can happen anywhere from days to months afterward, but often never.

On the other questions, I'd follow your surgeon's advice. Every surgeon has slightly different recommendations, and if you've trusted your surgeon this far, it's generally best to follow through with it by sticking to what he's recommended. Gentle shampooing when your surgeon says it's ready can be helpful for dealing with scabs/healing/reducing redness. I wouldn't wait longer than what he suggests for the first shampoo -- just be careful about how you do it and it should be fine.

In general I would think the swelling should be gone by Thursday. The main piece of advice is just to relax, stay out of the sun and get plenty of rest.

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After hair transplant surgery you feels little bit pain and swelling in your forehead and face but after some days you feels normal and do their regular activities. 

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The swelling goes away after 3 to 4 days, so don't worry about that. Spray the grafts for the first 3 days. Your first wash should be with the shower on a light spray or gentle stream if you can. If you don't have an adjustable shower head then just turn the water on so it comes out slow. Dab a bit of shampoo on and don't rub the first day of showering. Then let the shower water run lightly over it for a minute to wash the shampoo away. Let your hair dry naturally. 


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