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I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Diep! After my hair was completely wrecked by a negligent hair stylist due to improper weave installation, my hair line was nearly gone. I even had scarring. I was traumatized but I was determined to find a way to fix it. I researched tirelessly for a hair surgeon who was able to perform a successful hair transplant with hair like mine--extremely curly and coily, yet fine in texture. After stumbling on Destiny Godley's review of Dr.Diep I knew he was the perfect fit. 

Dr. Diep was extremely thorough, we made sure we were on the same page with just how much he would fill in. The office was extremely accommodating, they even had lunch prepared for me during surgery. He has been diligent with my followups and they are prompt in responding to both my phone calls and emails about care after the surgery. I love the new hairline Dr. Diep created, it is a perfect fit for my face and brings out all of my features. My hairline is now full and I couldn't be happier!






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