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My Hair Transplant at The Hair Dr Clinic by Dr Arshad

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Day 1- Arrived at The Hair Dr Clinic at 10am after the school run for my FUE procedure with Dr Arshad. I was met by Dr Arshad and the team to discuss the procedure and if I had any questions or concerns.

We then agreed a hairline based on what I was looking to achieve from the surgery. The aim for myself was to get my hairline back to where it used to be. I had noticed that my hairline was receding more and more and it was starting to bother me. Once I was happy with my hairline we went to meet the technicians and to start the procedure.

The technicians shaved my hair and at the front and back so that my hair could be extracted. Then Dr Arshad injected the back of my head so that the area was numb for extraction. This part of the procedure is slightly uncomfortable but only for a short period when the needles goes in. Once the area is numb you can’t feel anything. Then it was just a case of relaxing whilst the extracting took place. This procedure I had 2000 grafts taken.

Once the extracting was completed we took a break for lunch. Then Dr Arshad was ready to implant the hairs into my new hairline. Dr Arshad is very professional in his work and really takes the time to ensure everything is done to perfection. Dr Arshad would also regularly check on me to make sure I was ok as well. Implanting the grafts took a few hours. Once the new hairs were implanted it was just a case of getting cleaned up and then discussing the aftercare procedure.

Dr Arshad explained all the different medications I would need to take for the next week. I was also provided with a breakdown on each day detailing the medication I would need to take. I found this useful as there is quite a lot to take so making sure you don’t forget anything is important. Then it was just a case of relaxing for the next week until the healing took place. I then went back to the clinic for a follow up a few days later to see how everything was healing and if I had any further questions post procedure.

In summary my experience with The Hair Dr Clinic has been extremely positive . As you can imagine a procedure like this can be daunting. However, I felt really relaxed and at ease through the whole process from start to finish not only with Dr Arshad but with the whole team at The Hair Dr Clinic. Any questions or concerns I had were answered. Every detail was explained to me about the procedure so that I knew what to expect from each part of the process. The team at The Hair Dr clinic really want the best results for their clients. I can’t recommend them highly enough and can’t wait to see what the final results look like. It’s just a case of being patient to see the results. I have added some photos of the different stages so you can see the work that’s been done. If this procedure is something you are considering I would definitely recommend going in for a consultation to discuss things with The Hair Dr Clinic.









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Dean, nice to see you posting. Your right on track, remain patient and happy growing buddy.

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Work looks refined.  Where is Dr arshad located?

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It’s been just over 2 months since my Hair Transplant, here are some pictures to update you on my progress.





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Very impressive transformation over the recovery period, Im looking to this chap as a possibility as there are some good reviews & mentions on here about him. (Ive been looking into Farjo and a few others)

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