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Had a head bandage from Gammna Knife "surgery"

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Hello everyone. I ve just returned home from 2 interventions, embolisation of the ear tumor and gamma knife. After the gamme knife, i had a bandage around my forehead and there was alcohol on the temples under the bandage. I ve noticed hair thinning in that area in particular. I was wearing it for 24hours and my hair wasnt washed for 8 days in total. Could it be the alcohol that gave me hairloss or the stress from the Gamma knife head frame itself?

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8 minutes ago, Dr. Glenn Charles said:

It is possible that the things you mentioned caused a little hair thinning. Depending on whether or not you have the gene for genetic hair loss will determine if the loss is permanent or temporary.

I will eventually lose my hair, which will be visible in my 30. Right now i m good, but this thinning should recover until i finally get bald from genetics? I mean, if my hair was destined to be here until my 30s, will that hair grow back?

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