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Dr. ROBERT DORIN NYC - 3346 FUE restoration (revision)

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Patient presented with a Norwood Class 4 pattern with the intent of restoring density to the frontal recession and crown region.  He had undergone an initial FUE elsewhere that was not successful.

Total of 773 grafts allocated to the vertex and 2573 grafts to the frontal third.  

*Manual motorized FUE

* Prp/Acell 


gm (10).JPG

gm (13).JPG

gm (11).JPG

gm (12).JPG

gm (9).JPG

gm (14).JPG

gm (7).JPG

gm (5).JPG

gm (15).JPG

gm (1).JPG

gm (6).JPG

gm (2).JPG

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This is a distinct change that fits in line of realistic expectations patients with this level of loss and patter may have.  This is a success and kudos to the doc!  

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