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Hi all,

I had an eyebrow transplant a little over 2 months ago & all the transplanted hair have fallen out as expected (there are a couple that have just elongated instead of falling out) and there's a very visible pinkness/redness. Also, the skin underneath looks a little bumpy and seems to have tiny holes where the incisions were made. I am starting to worry that this might be permanent scarring. I have been told by my doctor to take Benadryl and doxycycline, but the redness is still there. Please advise on what to do because I can't even go outside without a hat on. Thank you all! 

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Post some pictures so people can better advise you and give input. Have you been taking the Benadryl and doxycicline like your doctor suggested? How long have you been taking it? How long did he say it would take for you to see improvement? And have you reached back out to him to let him know things haven't gotten better? Hopefully you can get some answers here in the forum - and I still suggest you to stay in consistent communication with your doctor. He should be your best resource in getting this resolved. 

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