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Just had a DHI hair transplant, worried about aftercare !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello, one week ago I did a hair transplant with DHI technique at a beautiful clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.

Had 4000 grafts implanted and I have some concerns.

One is that I have severe pain in my donor area, sometimes I feel dizzy from the amount of pain.

Second thing is, the doctors said (translated to me) that I must use a lotion and shampoo one in 2 days also some pills with antioxidants and vitamins for hairgrowth. What is your opinion on this after-care ? is it enough to do to have a good result or I must do more and avoid other things ?

Third and most important question is, I was told not to do sport or effort but today I went with a boat on a lake and I worked at boat pedals (it was a pedal boat) a few hours, so that would be considered sport. I did not sweat but the effort was somewhat intense and it might have sent blood all over my body in high pressure. Could this be a concern for my hair transplant ? please give me an answer cause I'm a bit panicked of what I did



All the best,


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The first 3 days are critical.  Most, for the sake of conservatism, will tell you 7-10 days.  Walking after a procedure is fine.  7-10 days for light cardio and no restrictions after 14 days.  I doubt if what you did caused an issue.

With regards to pain, did the doctor send you with pain pills? I am certain he did.  Perhaps you took more than what was prescribed and you ran out early.  You can always call and see if they can prescribe a few more.  But, it seems, you are back to normal.  If this persists, make an appointment to see him again. Getting sharp stabbing pains that come and go is normal.  You'll get them once in a while and eventually go away.

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The little information I gathered from reading my post procedure notes is that pain can happen at 5-7 days due to nerve healing.
This is rare. FUE punch depth is shallow and this will not injure much.
You should not have ventured into boat paddling when you were in discomfort.
Take rest. Wish you a speedy recovery.

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