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Before & After - From Day 1 until 6 Months UPDATE

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I started losing my hair at the age of 15…

So this year in March I finally took the step to undergo a DHI hair transplant in Paris. A French YouTuber’s videos had convinced me with his videos as I saw the amazing results of his new hairline!

Therefore I went to the same clinic and decided to document my own journey as well on my YouTube channel. I truly hope these videos can help others that are struggling with their hair loss, just like that French YouTuber helped me with his story.  

Personally, I’m very satisfied with the results, especially after seeing the comparison between the before & after 😊

Here you find a summary of my 6 months growth since Day 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqkbtdy-W7E&list=PLkzpL5QNn_ueEO8yQjtvNh_jAG2HPg0et&index=2&t=0s

Final results will only be visible one year after the intervention. I’ll be uploading this update in the future as well of course!

Happy growing to everyone! 😄


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