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Hi all, just dd a 2000x FUT in the midscalp, frontal part of my head (see below). I didn't do enough prior research, and probably should have waited...grafts were placed in between my native hair which now, as it looks from other testimonials on here, might have been too close together to hold 2000 grafts.

I've been on Fin since the beginning of the year, and I was hoping this was going to be enough to prevent native hair loss, but after every bath, I'm losing what seems like an insane amount of hairs (30-40, two baths)...so much so that it's obviously thin after only one week. At this rate, it looks like EVERYTHING was on it's way out?

Anyone experience massive native hair shock that grew back? I'm real real sad right now. :(


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Hey no need to worry, literally just asked my doc on same issue.........transplants placed in between existing hairs (in my case older transplants) - he said shock loss of native hair when transplanted hair is placed in close proximity is not unexpected. Good news is that the hairs arent gone they're just taking a break after getting knocked around a little i.e. your hair transplant. They'll be back in a couple of months.

Looks to me like some toppik could cover your thinning up top very easily

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