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Where were you today 18 years ago

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3 hours ago, Sean said:

18 years ago?  

Im in college, 9/11 happens and i join the military right away and with one of the toughest fighting forces in the world.  Also, take part in operations only a few can imagine.  I’m Probably in the best physical shape of my life. My body is ripped. I feel so confident so strong.

Fast forward, 9/11 still a bad memory.  I wish we can all turn back time and wish it never happened.  

Now, I get out of the military with all the stuff and want a restoration as im losing hair.  Thinking just want to work, have a family, settle down, lots of friends lost and you just want to start a new path and give this hairloss problem some fixing. You know, so you want to live with some hair and relax as it bothers you.  Come the forums, you look at forum owners and mods talking about strip and then comes fue talks.  Some recommend docs are mentioned and advocated for.  Then you got folks telling you hairline artists and etc what have you..  Your all excited thinking maybe one less headache, hair loss, will be out the door soon.  So you go and are like some guy shelling thousands of dollars with the money you earned by risking your life literally.  Shit hits the fan for numerous reasons that coulda been prevented and you are going through some nightmarish limbo.  

Wasn’t someone that needed repairs presurgery days and now having folks staring at the scalp with wtf faces all the damn time.  God I wish i can turn back time and not be had or failed to be informed, and harmed to this extent etc.  you really wonder how some folks can sleep after making a person feel this way or have them suffer.  

You know how hard it is to have a forward front facing job trying to hold meetings with folks within a few feet away from you?  Its pretty tough and it’s really sad.  Totally screwed my world upside down.  Even makes going to the gym sad as you no longer want to be out much and it affects your health.  Hopefully, can get life back by an ethical and caring professional and we will see and whoever it is, the community will see. 

One things for sure, pretty lucky to be alive.  Rip to all lives lost as a result of this dark day.

Hope everyone gets what they seek.  Wish all of you the best


it seems like you’ve had quite the journey bro. Do you have a thread with your story? I’m curious to know what happened that could have been prevented?

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I had recently moved back in with my parents after breaking up with a girlfriend who I had been living with. I went downstairs for breakfast and my dad was watching the news and telling me that a plane hit a building in NY. Right after that was when the 2nd plane hit while we were watching news of the first one. My brother was working that day just outside NY on the NJ side and I think he was watching it live from his view of NY from where he was. I think all he could really see was all the smoke.



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