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Would you want to do 2500-3000 graphs in one day, or two?

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At a recent consultation near where I live, the doctor suggested we do somewhere around 2500 graphs over the course of two days.  I asked if we could do it all in one day and he said we could but it would be a long day for everyone.  If you lived close to the clinic, what would you prefer in this scenario, one or two days?

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Depends on the surgery (FUT or FUE?), the surgeon (does the doc do all the work or is it a tech driven place?), and whether or not you are choosing this doc just because they are close to where you live.

All this stuff can be quite surgeon and patient dependent unfortunately, and comes down a lot to your specific goals. Do you have anymore info you can share?



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If it were someone like Konior/Nadimi involved in every aspect 1500 a day seems reasonable. keser himself only does 500 a day and is similarly involved on every level as well.

In the end it really comes down to the results and if you are happy with your chosen doc who seemingly does all their own extractions and incisions their advice would be given for a reason.

2 days as opposed to 1 day of surgery for a lifetime of results does not seem like an intolerable request IMO. But again it really depends who the surgeon is and their results



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If the doctor is recommending that you split it up, I highly recommend splitting it up into two days. This is not uncommon at all. And, in my opinion, it is a good thing. Speed is not a virtue in FUE. Typically taking a slower, careful, more considered approach pays dividends. This also equates to less graft "out of body time." Good things all around. 

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Surely it depends on the method of extraction, if it’s manual then yes, two days. However if it’s motorised then 2500 is not a lot for a Doc to do in a day. You have already stated that he won’t be planting the grafts.

On 8/27/2019 at 9:54 AM, MrZennie said:

It would be a FUE procedure.  And it's a top doctor who does the extractions (no Artas) and incisions

 There are so many top surgeons doing 4000 plus grafts in one sitting, using motorised method, with great results.if it was me and it’s motorised, there is no way I would sit for two days. If it’s Manual extraction, then yes I would sit for two days as it is a lot more tedious.

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