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To be honest I am not sure when I really started to lose my hair.  It was more of a woke up one day and thought "What the hell happened?"  At any rate,  around 40 or I met with a doctor in Beverly Hills and he gave me some idea of what the procedure would be like and what to expect.  He did not recommend any drugs to prevent future hair loss though.  I also didn't even think to ask.  I, of course, did not go through with the surgery at that time.  Instead I waited a couple of more years and eventually stumbled across this site.  My process for this procedure was to talk to a few different doctors and then make a decision on if I was really going to do this and if so pick the appropriate doctor.  Over the course of about 6 months I met with a handful of doctors.  The first person I met with when I was 40 in Beverly Hills was Marc Dauer.  He was a nice guy and gave me a lot of insight as to what the procedure would be like and what I could expect.  Fast forward a couple of years and I ended up meeting with Micheal Meskin in Newport Beach, Daniel McGrath in Austin, TX, Hasson & Wong in Canada, and finally Scott Alexander in Phoenix, Az.  All the doctors I met with were very professional and all of them were very open about what to expect for the procedure and what the healing process would be like.  All the doctors, except Hasson & Wong, thought they could get about 2,500 grafts and maybe up to 3,000 if I was lucky.  H & W said they could get 5,000.  Maybe they could have.  I don't know, but since their number was so much larger than other doctors it made me skeptical.  Also, after a couple of weeks of communication and working through the specifics H &W just stopped responding.  Ultimately, I ended up choosing Dr. Scott Alexander at the Biltmore Surgical Hair Restoration.  All the doctors I spoke to varied in price from $3.50 - $5.00 per graft.  Price, while important, wasn't a factor that would have prevented me from picking the doctor I wanted.  In the end I chose Dr. Alexander because he had a ton of great reviews on this site.  I had my surgery completed on Aug 2.  Attached are the before and after surgery pics.  I included other pics since it has been 2 weeks now and I am just getting around to posting this review.  The surgery started around 730am and ended around 6pm.  The office brought in lunch and I watched movies while Dr. Alexander and his staff worked away.  The surgery was a success since the estimate was around 2,500 grafts.  Instead we got 3,590 grafts (614 singles, 2006 doubles, and 970 multi hairs)! This allowed them to fill in a much larger area than expected.  Prior to surgery I had started Finasteride and using a shampoo/conditioner called Ultrax.  I figured if I am going to spend this type of money then I better work at protecting it.  I wanted to be on Finesteride for about 6 weeks before the surgery.  I wanted to make sure I would be side effect free before completing the surgery.  When the surgery was complete I went back to the hotel ordered some food and took a pain killer.  I was glad I took the pain killer because when the numbing agent wore off my scalp it hurt pretty badly.  Although, the pain killer put me to sleep pretty quickly.  I flew back to LA the next morning.  I really didn't have any pain after the surgery.  The donor area and my scalp were tender, but they didn't hurt.   I removed my stitches on Aug 9, 7 days after surgery.  The doctor that removed them thought the scar looked nice and that the work done on the top looked very good at that point as well.  All the scabs on the top of my head had healed within 10 days.  Right now the top and some parts of the donor area are still a little tender, but healing.  It has been 16 days as of today and I did get a haircut.  I needed to clean up my neck and around my ears.  The stylist commented on how good the scar looked and that it looked healed at this point.  I have been living in a hat when I am in public and will continue to do so until the top grows out to a length I can style it.  I have been very open with clients, coworkers, friends, etc about the procedure.  Interestingly enough most of the guys have been considering doing something about their hair loss and the women are intrigued.  Sorry for the poor pics.  I am taking the photos on my own so all the angles and things are hard to get.  If anyone has any questions let me know.  I will continue to post as the hair starts to grow in.  Right now I am starting to get a tiny bit of shedding.  I am guessing this will continue and all the transplanted hair will fall out over the next week or so.  

Before 1.jpg

Before 2.jpg

Right After Surgery.jpg

Aug 3 Side .jpg

Aug 3 Top #2.jpg

Aug 3 top.jpg

Aug 5 Top #2.jpg

Aug 5 Top.jpg

Aug 9 Back.jpg

Aug 12 Side.jpg

Aug 12 Front.jpg

Aug 12 Top.jpg

Aug 18 Back.jpg

Aug 18 Front.jpg

Aug 18 Side.jpg

Aug 18 Top.jpg

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Well it has been 3 weeks.  Lots of hat time in meetings and out in public.  I was looking and thinking that I really haven't shed much of the transplanted hair.  I didn't see it on my pillow, in my shower, or anything like that.  Then I took these photos!  I am definitely shedding even though I didn't think I was.  I am excited for the new hair to start growing in.  I am also getting anxious for my hair to grow long enough so I can get a haircut to make all my hair the same length.  So far I am happy to report my healing and this process has been uneventful, which is good thing.  Everything has healed great and I haven't had any issues at this point.  Will make another update in a few weeks to see if there is any serious difference going on.

3 Weeks front.JPG

3 Weeks Side Scar.JPG

3 Weeks Top.JPG

3 Weeks Top2.JPG

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