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Laser helmet different or better than the comb?

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I bought a comb way back in around 2002, used it for a couple years and really saw no benefit. I haven't been as in the loop with hairloss stuff in awhile but I now see they're selling helmets. But...I thought the jury was already in that these home remedy laser devices didn't work? Is this just more of the same?

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The problem with the comb, is most people don't know how to use it.  It is labor intensive.  I saw the best results when patients would leave it in an area for 4 seconds.  Move about 1 inch in any direction and repeat.  First from front to back and then from side to side.  It took forever.

I've become aware of many lasers.  Most from abroad.  Now you can easily find knock offs of Knock offs. There is a "by prescription only" laser made right here in America.  It is only available through providers.  Their name is, coincidentally, LaserCap.  It is the only one I know has studies behind it.  I read that the array of 224 lasers provides for ultimate results.  There is also a model 300 which drops down and covers the occipital area.  This model would be ideal for any patient experiencing global thinning.  These models carry a lifetime warranty which is unheard of.

As a side note, there are current studies on the use of PRP in combination with the use of a laser.  Promising.  


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We just have not seen enough concrete examples demonstrating empirical proof that substantiate using them.


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