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9133 FUE Grafts (3000 Dr De Reys in 2013; 1800 Dr De Reys 2014; 1200 Dr Reddy 2017; 3133 Dr Arshad 2019))

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I've just had my fourth FUE surgery with Dr Arshad from the Hair Dr, in Dewsbury (UK) yesterday, totalling 3133 grafts. In total, I've now had 9133 FUE grafts over 4 operations:

Operation 1: Dr De Reys - 3000 grafts in 2013
Operation 2: Dr De Reys - 1800 grafts in 2014
Operation 3: Dr Raghu Reddy - 1200 grafts in 2017
Operation 4: Dr Arshad - 3133 grafts in 2019

My previous experiences are documented on this site. See below: 






Below are the results prior to my fourth operation -  a bit blury, but hopefully you can see the areas I wanted to improve density to my hair line, mid-scalp and crown. I decided I did not want to travel abroad again, due to having a young family.



I researched and spoke to several clinics in the UK, and opted for the Hair Dr, for the following reasons:


1. Dr Arshad and his surgical background in ENT

I consulted with Dr Arshad, who owns a clinic in Dewsbury, with a head office in Leeds. I found limited information on Dr Arshad on Forums, but I did extensive research about him (research gate, other forums, and pictures) and his credentials prior to booking a surgery. Dr Arshad's clinic is relatively new and he has been combining his HT work with working as a consultant ENT surgeon within the the National Health Service. Dr Arshad is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons - which awarded to surgeons passing the exit exam after years of training (and should not be confused with being a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, which is the entrance exam). Essentially, Dr Arshad is a very highly qualified surgeon, who regularly attends IHARS events. Admittedly, he has less experience in HT, but I felt his extensive surgical training and practice inspired me with confidence that he would have good skills for HT surgery.  


2. His work looks very neat too from the pictures I viewed on his instagram feed, and has a growing body, of what I feel is exceptional work. 


3. I e-mailed a couple of his patients about their experiences (e.g., consultation, surgery, aftercare etc) and both were very complimentary.


4. Price. At the moment Dr Arshad is charging £2 per graft. Yes, that is not a typo. I imagine this will go up in the future, given the quality of his work. 



My initial consultation with Dr Arshad was very thorough and realistic. Having had three previous surgeries and consultations with many Dr's around the world, I believe I am pretty adapt at sniffing out the those are pushy,  have a strong sales pitch, and are not passionate about the work - only taking their money off you. After my 3rd surgery with Dr Reddy in 2017, he informed me that I would have around 600 grafts left. When I had my consultation with Dr Arshad he suggested he might be able to get 4000 grafts to improve my hairline and overall density of my scalp. He said my donor was very good, despite having had 6000 grafts extracted. Of course, I was very shocked by this, but his checks were thorough. He also said he is quite an aggressive surgeon and believes in using the donor to its fullest without making it look patchy. My donor was still very thick, but I was thin on top. Aesthetically, I think having a thick donor area can make the top look even thinner. Myself and Dr A developed a  plan and I then spoke to his clinic manger - Sommiya (who is very professional and caring).  At no point did I feel under any pressure to book the surgery (neither were pushy at all) - we chatted about questions I had. If I've consulted with a very push clinic, it raises red flags, and makes me feel uncomfortable.



The pre-operation briefing that I received was by far the most comprehensive I've had in comparison with either Dr De Reys or Dr Reddy. Dr Arshad went into great detail about all aspects of the surgery, such as potential complications of surgery, but assured me procedures were in place, should anything untoward arise. 

Dr Arshad spent much longer preparing my donor area that either Reddy or De Reys did, and said he used a technique that plastic surgeons do (can't remember what it is called now). All extractions were completely painless - which has not always been the case for me if you read about my other surgeries. 


In regards to extractions, Dr Arshad and his lead tech performed this role. Dr Arshad started and then they took it in turns. His lead technician, who has over 17 years experience working with the likes of Dr Cole, Dr Bisinga, HDC in Cyprus etc. She currently works as a freelancer travelling all of the world. Extractions were made using a motorised punch of 0.7 mm. I had complete confidence in Helen and she has lots of stories to tell about the HT world and is also a very nice lady indeed - very funny and also very hard working. Dr Arshad had four other technicians working that day, who were all experienced technicians.  4000 grafts was not achieved, but the total was 3193 - Dr Arshad did want to leave my donor area sparse and felt that was the most he could extract. My surgery started at 7.45-8am and the extractions were completed by around 2pm (ish). I have posted a picture of my graft count which is:


- 403 tripples,

-1432 doubles

-1263 singles


Both Helen and Dr A said my donor was very strong, despite this being my fourth surgery (excuse the blood on the sheet).




Dr Arshad did all of the incisions, immediately after the extractions, using a sapphire device, which he said enables him to insert the grafts closet together and at better angles than other tools. I can't remember how the incisions took, but I had a short break for lunch and had Helen inserting grafts in my crown, and one technician on each side implanting grafts, so I believe that took around 4 hours. All in all, the surgery last 12 hours, approximately. Dr Arshad spoke about the importance of having a good team and I felt looked after the whole day. My experience was very good, and although it was a a long day, the time went by pretty quickly. Dr Arshad looked after me well the whole day and also ensured the team had plenty of breaks throughout the day. I really liked this approach.




This picture should be at the top, but gives a good illustration of my crown area under a very strong light at the gym - that was directly above my head. I was looking to address this area too.



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POST-OP pictures

I took plenty of post-op pictures in the surgery, but I have not been able to upload them on here for some reason. Here is a picture I took when I got home.




Below, is another picture I took this morning, 11 hours after surgery. I still have my bandage on, so can not pictures of the donor area yet. Once I take them off, I will add them.


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Here are some pictures of my donor from the start of Day 2 (transplant on the 15th of August, today is the 17th of August). I  took the bandages off yesterday evening. My donor area - Overall, I feel a lot better than yesterday. The day before my operation I had a heavy weights and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu session in the hope I would sleep durning my operation the following day. In hindsight, I regret that decision, because I feel it contributed to me feeling quite stiff and lethargic.  

I am currently taking 40mg of Prednisone and Co-amoxiclav three times a time. That is upsetting my stomach, slightly but nothing major. I was also given a plentiful supply of ibuprofen and paracetamol, but I am not sure if I need that today.

You can see from my donor that Dr Arshad went much higher than either Dr De Reys or Dr Reddy. He said I had no miniaturisation in those areas  and that those hairs will be safe well into my sixties. If some of those hairs don't survive until then, so be it. 

As you can see, my donor are is pretty much used up now. Dr Arshad said my back up plan, should I ever need it will be to use beard grafts. I've got a very dense beard, so should be easily be able to get 1500 grafts, if I ever need it. 

I will also consider SMP in donor or scalp area should I need it in the future to add a bit of density. I've seen that it in long hair and it looks pretty good. 


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I've changed the formatting of the pictures, so I can now upload the photos from immediately after my operation. You can see I had quite a bit of swelling around my left eye socket - this had settled down by the time I woke up the next morning. 492083580_ImmediatelyAfter.thumb.jpg.cc428201cbac79d767f5468df225226f.jpgIMG_3650.thumb.jpg.2f606fab04721ddab0e4efa5b1593c57.jpgIMG_3652.thumb.jpg.f846abc90c41c6c4a32002cef6b0ec82.jpg

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Here is my Day 4 recipient and donor area. The donor area is a little sore towards the bottom. Really please with my recipient area.1392339338_Day4.thumb.jpg.5ddbc4725c23d30a3fcd9cefe42302e7.jpg665649344_Day4-Donor.thumb.jpg.482e3e01353f09c768faf63adb8c28a3.jpg

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DAY 5 - I noticed some bits of skin with hair shafts in them this morning on my pillow. Fortunately, there was no bleeding, so I am hoping everything with my HT is OK! A bit concerned though.

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DAY 14 - My donor area is very itchy and still a little sore towards the bottom part. My hair started shedding on Day 8, and I am losing a few hairs each time I wash my hair.

My donor looks a little patchy at the bottom, but I am hoping this will be fine once it grows out. I prefer my hair longer and will be prepared to get some SMP if need be in my donor area to make it look a little denser.



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Here are my 4 week photographs. My donor is a little patchy towards the bottom and is still quite sore. I’ve been applying savlon to this and it’s really helping.

I think I’ve got a bit of shock loss in my donor - which I had after my first op.

At this stage, I’m a little concerned with the bottom part of my donor. I will use SMP if required to add density  

Really happy with my recipient area despite all the shedding that’s occurred  



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