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Please help me make the right choice FUE

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If you're worried about preserving donor, and it sounds like a serious consideration, look into BHT (body hair - chest and chin-beard). BHT costs more, but if you are already looking abroad, it is still less than the 2.5 £\€ limit you've set.

I had my procedure with Bhatti precisely because he manages the donor, does FUE only, and also does BHT (which I plan on using once my crown dies). Something to consider. 

I also agree with Melvin that you may want to wait for some more cash or take out a personal loan for the procedure. Price should not be the first consideration. If you'd prefer to go to X doctor, but need another 2k, it's better to wait for the 2k. If you're comfortable with the selection you have currently, do that. 

My advice regarding choosing a doctor is: don't let someone convince you to go with any specific doctor. Make your decision yourself. 

Also, it may be in your best interest to use BHT and probably FUT... If you're not getting on medication (fin), you'll likely shift to a Norwood 6/7. You'll need to maximize your capacity. BHT is good for crown, and FUT will maximize your donor but yes, it'll leave a scar. Are you dead-set on keeping your hair short? Have you considered what is the minimum hair length to conceal the scar & how it will look on you? I chose FUE because of the scarring myself. Try to look at things from perspective of you +10 years. With more loss, do you think you'll be able to conceal it? Are you okay with a naked/ near naked crown? If so, yeah, go FUE. If you feel you MIGHT be self conscious about it, I would seriously consider FUT.

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If you're thinking of traveling abroad, consider this read: 
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Which method did Dr Bisanga, Dr Lupanzala and Dr Feriduni suggest?  Considering your current situation (I would be the same if I had no HT) I would suggest Strip followed by FUE as this will give you most grafts for coverage.


1 hour ago, SophieNigam said:

Hello, Dr. Maziar Sadri is professional air transplant surgeon in UK. 


Never heard of him, googled him and not convinced. For UK I would suggest Dr Farjo.

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