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Lots of interesting HT facts in this document...

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This has probably been posted already (I'm pretty new here) but in case you missed it, this contains the census statistics from the International Society of Hair Restoration.  The results are for the year 2016, but there is still lots of relevant/interesting stuff in here.  Most interesting to me:  3.4% of FUE procedures get cancelled for reasons including: 'High transection rate' and 'Inability to remove graphs from donor area'.  I'm curious what kind of reasons fall under the "OTHER" category: https://ishrs.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/report_2017_ishrs_practice_census-08-21-17.pdf

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Off hand, and not having read the report....a few years ago, and many still believe, that African Americans do not make the best candidates for FUE due to the curvature of the hair.  It is believed that the curve is extended to the area below the skin.

The high transection rate could also apply to the use of a robotic system.  

Other could be any other reason.....

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