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I Need help! Dr Erdogan vs Dr Cinik?

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Hey guys,

I have been planning to have a HT for around 4years now.

From the outset I have been set on going to the ASMED clinic with Dr Erdogan.

However, there have been some questionable results over 2018 (I know there is currently a discussion going on about this so I don't want this to be a reason for any slandering).

I have since seen some highly impressive patient posted results who had their ops with Dr Cinik. 

I am 26 with a Norwood VI and have suffered hair loss since my early 20s.  have been quoted 5000 grafts by ASMED. I am yet to contact any other clinic.

Now I am in a mental battle on whether to go with ASMED and pay £10,000 or pay significantly less for arguably potentially better results for roughly a third of the price.

Money is not an issue for me so I won't let that dictate. I just want to feel assured that I can get a decent result - my expectations are realistic I know I'm not ever going to have my 15 year old hair again.

Overall I'm looking for a nice full looking hairline and as good density as possible in general. 

I'd appreciate advice especially from those who have had experience with either clinic with a similar amount of grafts.




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Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 21.35.11.pngThis is what I ASMED have seen.

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Your question and approach is wrong:

- The question sis not ASMED or CINIK.

- The question is: What is the best clinic for your case and that depends on your situation. Maybe FUT is best for you, then neither clinic is offering that.

- Bottom line: Present your case in usual manner, and the forum will offer you possibilities in all price ranges.

Good luck. 

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Thanks for your reply. 

I simply had these two doctors in my mind after seeing the quality of their work.

Could you please explain what the best way to present my situation would be?


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I would also ask whether you have considered excellent surgeons in other countries. You seem to be new to this so may I ask what has made you lean towards Turkey? 


There are good surgeons in Turkey  but there are also good  surgeons in Belgium, Cyprus  Etc

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