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Hi Guys,

I had been thinking about having a hair transplant for years... and 2 weeks ago i finally did it. 

I did so much research and was lucky that a friend of mine also had surgery with the same surgeon. The entire experience was so easy and the procedure was painless (slight discomfort from the initial injection for anaesthetic).

I wanted to share the pictures and see what you guy think - the next few months are going to feel a little odd whilst i wait for results so any advice and words of encouragement would be appreciated!

I've uploaded pics of before (with the line drawn on), straight afterwards (purple looking one) and two weeks post surgery (combed back and with hair pushed forward - which is how im styling it at the mo to help disguise it). What do you think of the 2 week mark? I know i'll loose the hair... but secretly hoping i wont!








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Congrats on taking the leap, looks as it should. Good luck with the process.

Would be great if you included a few things in your post, like your age/how many grafts/which Dr or clinic if comfortable doing so.


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Hey. I’m not sure of the amount per sq cm. 


the after pics look strange as it looks like I was bald for that entire area but the dr has put hair in between my existing hair to thicken up the hair on my crown. With emphasis on new hair on the hairline. If that makes sense. 

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