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Abhinay Singh

Eugenix / 2506 grafts/Post-op 7 months

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Imagine being perceived as a 50 year old when you are just in your late 20's. That's what most of his friends and family members told him. It became a process for his own self pity and he gradually stopped taking care of himself. He started gaining weight which in turn put on more years to his appearance. 

A K went in for the Comprehensive package with Dr. Arika Bansal and junior doctor. He received 2506 grafts for his procedure. 

Mr. A K has gradually gained an extreme density on his transplanted area. He is also regular with his medications which have caused a good growth in his pre-existing hair also. There is a continental shift in his perspective towards life in general and now has not only started taking care of himself but is also doing extremely well in his professional life.

His is a case where we can observe the correlation between self image and motivation.







Kind Regards
Abhinay Singh  -  Representative for Eugenix Hair Sciences
Email : info@eugenix.in    WhatsApp Call/Message: +91 79-779-15534          My Hair Transplant Journey 
I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.

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The patient now has more hair but the design is very bad and unnatural as it screams hair transplant. Just my opinion

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Great result for 2500 grafts well done to the patient and EUGENIX.  

The patient has a lot of thick hair which sometimes Im sure can be difficult to style. 

..........All the best....


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@MarkyH  Thank you for reviewing our case and drawing a point.

I had a discussion with our doctors, and they are aware of this. This patient had curlier side of hair and curly thick hair would give this kind of a slight “coarse” look in stead of “soft” look that happens in all our patients having straighter hair. If you study all our past posts, you would witness the same.


Our doctors ensure that they use at least 400-500 carefully chosen single hair in very irregular fashion to give the  softer look. Our doctors are very religious about this!


One more point I learnt from the doctors that this index patient had combed the hair up, so the look has also become a bit hard.

However, I must appreciate your minutest observations on the hair line, which is really rare for most of the patients and many doctors as well!


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