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For someone who wears a patch, Mr. M H, had a lot of pre-existing hair that could have been fairly damaged if he would have continued with it. Adding to it was the unnaturally dense hair that would make it obvious that something was fishy on his scalp. 

Living far away from his home in India, the environmental change and the completely different food habits of south Africa contributed to this 26 year old young man's further hair loss. Hair transplantation was a complete game changer for him in many ways. But not only him, his whole family was super skeptical of going in for the procedure. They had already witnessed a dozen of other young guys who had received completely unnatural results or no results at all in the past from some other clinics.

M H was excruciatingly aware of his unnatural looks regarding the patch as well. His experience worsened when he had to wear the patch the first time he met his probable wife. The experience left him feeling guilty of hiding his reality and also with a lower self confidence.

His research phase was thorough. Paying attention to the finest details, his online consultation was filled with numerous video calls with the doctors, evaluation of similarly performed results and an endless exchange of information. 

He was recommended approximately 2500 grafts for the coverage of his frontal zone with adequate density and a completely natural density. The doctors were very considerate with the crown and strongly prescribed medications for the thinning there. Trusting the confidence of the Doctors, M H decided to go for the prescribed plan. Eugenix junior doctor was his preferred doctor and he went in for the Complete package with Eugenix getting 2535 grafts in total completely from the scalp donor.

Four months later, M H traveled back from South Africa to stun not only his family members but also us with his fast growing results. There is a complete look change, a substantial density and his crown also has improved a lot. He ha also been regularly taking the medications and has a good protein rich diet. 

Along with the complete shift in their outlook towards the hair transplant industry, M H and his family have become extremely good friends to the clinic and continue to lend us their trust. And yes, M H is getting hitched within the coming 4 months and he can now enjoy this experience without any emotional trauma or guilt.




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Looks really nice.  Congrats to you and your patient.  I’m sure he is quite pleased with the results.

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Great result. Abhinay, so the crown area wasnt treated surgically at all? Only via medications?

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Along with Mr M H's family and yourselves, you can add me to the list of stunned individuals.

Those results are what most people dream of achieving in 12 months, let alone 4 months. Seems almost like some form of magic. In fact, if you showed me the before and after photos on different threads, I wouldn't even realise that they were the same person.

My question is the same as Kevin20's question... is our understanding correct that there was no hair transplanted to the crown at all, and that the healthier appearance of the crown is due to medication alone?

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Excellent result and congratulations  to the patient and all the team @Eugenix

The doctors recommended medication for the thinning in his crown and the patient decided to go ahead with the prescribed plan which has improved his crown.

Does the medication have any effect on the HT other than the Crown.

......Thanks Abhinay ...


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