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6 Month FUE Results with Dr Maras (HDC clinic) 3,069 grafts

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Hello everyone,

I would like to share the results of my surgery with Dr Maras at the HDC clinic in Cyprus. I posted a few months ago on another forum and you are welcome to have a look at the full thread with details of the surgery before and after in the hair transplant section on Bald Truth.  I am very pleased with the results so far and would like to share my photographs prior to the operation and the results so far. I had spent months researching surgeons and was extremely careful about choosing the most ethical and skilled surgeon. Dr Maras and his clinic fit that description perfectly.


I was about a Norwood 5 or 6 prior,  so the plan for the surgery was to deal with the surgery in two surgeries. The first with approximately 3,000 grafts for the front, and the second operation to fill in the back. I am considering the second operation to sort out the back in future, but my main priority is to save as much donor hair for the future as possible. Dr Maras also stated I had a very good beard so this is a very good bonus.


Dr Maras Did the hairline design, Most of the extractions and Incisions while the technicians did the rest of the extractions and the implants. 


I am very pleased with the results at the front so far at six months, and would like to share them here. I will upload more Pre and Post Op pictures in Future.


Pre operation




6 Months Post 







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Congratulations well done to you and all the team at the Clinic as you have a big improvement now from where you were 6 months ago. 

How many grafts are you planning for your crown ?


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Thanks Paddy!

im aiming for about 1500-2000 grafts for the crown. This won’t be enough to cover the area most likely but I would rather save as much donor hair for the future.

I could also take 1000 beard grafts if necessary.

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