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Dr. Konior - 3423 FUT Grafts - July 2019

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22 hours ago, Wicky said:

wow Crazy good so far! plus only thickening to come :) if you dont mind me asking, what would you feel comfortable shaving your donor area down to? looks like you almost have a 2-3guard at your 8 month update!

Thanks Wicky, good question, my barber doesn’t use clippers attachement so hard for me to tell you what length it is. 
If I had to guess, I would say 3. 
hope this helps a bit. 

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That's interesting your barber doesn't use clippers. You get a more professional looking cut like that I think. I assume this is quite a high end barber you go to? I would interested in having my hair cut this way too.

Your hair looks great, btw. Congratulations!

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