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This out-of-town patient sent in these photos for his 6 month follow up after receiving 2500 FUE grafts to his frontal forelock and hairline. Grafts were manually harvested with a 0.85 mm sharp punch, and placed with Hans Lion Implanters. All grafts were harvested and placed by Dr. Vories.








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It’s always great to see another happy patient from ....Carolina Hair Surgery.  Well done Dr. Vories.  I know your patient is quite pleased.

I am an online representative for Carolina Hair Surgery & Dr. Mike Vories (Recommended on the Hair Transplant Network).

View John's before/after photos and videos:  http://www.MyFUEhairtransplant.com

You can email me at johncasper99@gmail.com

I am not a medical professional and my opinions should not be taken as medical advice.

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Very dramatic improvement in the appearance of youthfulness with the reconstruction of a strong facial frame. Hard to believe this is only six months in, but the 2,500 grafts obviously went a long way.

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