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Just had an FUT HT on 7/26/19 with Dr Scott Alexander in Phoenix, AZ. I'm 46 years old and after MUCH research, almost 2 years worth, I decided Dr Alexander would be the perfect doctor to perform my HT.

From the very first consultation with Dr A I felt very comfortable and NEVER pressured.  His staff from day one were always very warm and made me feel at ease. They let me take this at my own pace and were always very open and willing to answer my questions along the way. I had my wife along in the 2nd consultation, almost a year later,  she also felt extremely comfortable with Dr Alexander and his staff, so I decided the time was right to move forward.

Their front office is warm yet private and the surgical area is what you would expect it to be, very clean, organized and sterile. The surgery itself went down like clockwork. From all of my research it was everything I expected almost to the letter with no surprises. I'd have to say that from process, comfort level, professionalism, and expertise of Dr Alexander and his team I'd give them an A+.

Now results...Only time will tell but I feel great about the surgery and will be posting photos and updates as things progress....

One other mention of credit needs to be given. I have to thank Spex for helping me through this entire process up to the surgery and now beyond. He has answered all my questions (hundreds) and has been nothing short of a freaking hero to all the ppl, including me, that are flipping out about losing their hair and not knowing what to do. Thanks, Spex  

Pics coming soon...

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Did the doctor speak with you about medical therapy, (Propecia, Rogaine, Laser and PRP)? 

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Yes, absolutely....Dr Alexander asked about all 4 things at my first consult with him.  I was using Rogaine for approximately 3 years before my first consultation with Dr Alexander. Still use it but feel it has lost it effectiveness over time.  I tried PRP combined with the Theradome roughly a year prior to meeting with Dr A for the first time. PRP did not work for me personally but find the Theradome does strengthen my hair and possibly slowed the hair loss progression. Dr Alexander mention Propeicia would help slow the loss and recommended that I start the medication.  I hesitated due to reservations regarding side effects but called his office a few months later to start the medication which they did right away. I have been on Propecia, actually finasteride for 8ish months and have def noticed a slowing of hair loss in general, mostly on the crown but not really in the front. This is when I decided to schedule another consult.  

Kinda long winded but hope this answers your question. 

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