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Interesting shedding observation.

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share something I've noticed which highlights the dynamic nature of shedding/hair fall.

I know it can be extremely worrisome, but I've noticed it really does come and go.

For instance, I travel for work, and occasionally I need to travel into extremely cold regions of New Zealand (I am based in Australia).

Without fail, every trip, within two or three days my hair starts shedding - even if I had zero shedding in Aus. 

It could be the weather, or simply that I end up wearing a beanie 24/7 which may cause the hairs that would shed daily, to remain loosely attached.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? More-so found this to be curious, and hopefully it shows how easily hairs can shed, and for those in shedding phases to not stress too much.

In my experience, hair usually bounces back quite quickly from these falls, even if they last a while.

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For me, it is seasonally. I have noticed when we move into June-October (Australian seasons) my hair begins to shed and thin for these months. I have noticed this for 3 years now so after next year i will be sure that my hair thins seasonally during the winter and thickens up again during summer and by the time its good again its already winter again haha 

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Yes I think seasonal is more common then circumstantial shedding.


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Seasonal shedding does happen and it affects everyone to a different degree. You could be one whose system is very sensitive to the change of seasons, so when you go to a different climate your body may be reacting as if the season has changed. I don't think it's a really big issue as long as the shed isn't extreme and it always grows back.


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If you're wearing a beanie, then it's also possible that you're shedding the same amount - but the hairs don't have anywhere to fall and so the shedding amount seems higher. Unless you also think it's visibly thinner, then it probably is an increased shed. Regardless, we all shed differently, so knowing how your own body reacts and how to respond is the most important part. 

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