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Hello all,


I am planning to have a hair transplant in a few months. And want to ask for your help to pick the right clinic.

So far I reached 5 of them, and this is what they suggested for my case:

- ASMED Dr. K.Erdogan  2200-2600 grafts

- Armamed Dr. Demirsoy 2500-3200 grafts

- HLC 2300-2500 grafts

- Dr. Kaan Pekiner 2500 grafts

- Dermaplast, Dr Kesser 2000-2250 grafts

What is your opinion about these Dr/Clinics? Which you would recommend the most ?

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If you are not balding extensively and looking to just have frontal/hairline work, I'd say Dr Keser......although Dr Pekiner also seems to be building up a good reputation.

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there are a lot of posts with the same doctors mentioned and questions, worth searching for

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Ron I am talking with Dr. Pekiner assistant, Alex to book my second HT.

I chose Dr. Pekiner because he only has 1 patient per day, does the whole surgery with techs just to provide support and has amazing results posted by patients on the italian forum. Couldn’t find any other doctor with this price level and results. 

Also, I have limited donor area and Dr. Pekiner said he can take 2000 grafts from my beard plus 3000 grafts from my scalp.

Pekiner started out in this field working with Keser and then for HLC during 7 years. He opened his own clinic in 2017 because people were going to HLC because of him. 

He is building a name for himself very quickly and already told me he will increase the prices in 2020. 

if I were you I would go with Pekiner or Keser. 

Dr. Rahal 28/3/08

3425 Grafts / 7035 Hairs

Check my results: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/showthread.php?t=152718

Haven`t used anything since my HT in 2008.

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