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Dr. Michael Beehner

Dr. Mike Beehner; 4988 grafts for 61 y/o male

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This 61 year old male presented to our clinic in 2014 and received his first transplant surgery that same year. We placed a total of 2493 grafts ( 2023 FU and 470 DFU's) which totaled to 7154 hairs, due to his greater than average hair density in the donor region. He had a second session three years later in 2017 and then received another 2495 grafts (2145 FU's and 350 DFU's). The "after" photos are one year after that second session. A third session to dense-pack the crown is planned. 






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Dr. Beehner, 

Very natural transformation. Nice work. 

Dr. Blake Bloxham is recommended by the Hair Transplant Network.



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Nice work.  Hopefully he is doing some medical therapy to help retention of the native hair.  Propecia, Rogaine, Laser.

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