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Probably an easy question to answer

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Hello all, 

So I am looking into getting an FUE procedure done. 30 years old and norwood 5 vertex.

I am having a few consultations with clinics and apart from the usual questions of who will be doing procedure and how many years experience do you have etc do I need to ask about other things, such as


is there anything i need to ask specifically about the equipment they use? E.g. do I need to check what incision tool they use and what extraction and implantation tool they use? If so, what is the gold standard? Is there a gold standard? Is it just the size (I have seen 0.8mm size thrown around).


2) Implantation 

Is it that important that the dr also does implantation? I had a consultation with a doctor in london who said that in the uk if the person doing the implantation is not a doctor then they cant use an implantation device and they are only legally allowed to use forceps. 

Other very experienced and highly rated surgeons are only performing the incisions, leaving the extraction and implantation to technicians. 

What is the thoughts on this?

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There are times when too much is too much.  Typically the people that truly need this information are the doctors, staff, and the manufacturers of the equipment.  You have to realize that this industry, like any other, keeps evolving.  All benefits incorporated into whatever change or modification is make is typically communicated to the doctor by the manufacturer.  And, at the end of the day, what good does it do you? Do you think learning and knowing all this stuff is going to make your hair grow better or more natural?  No.  You are relying and trusting the doctor. Not only for being ethical and all of that, but for using the equipment that will yield the best results for his patients.  This is why reviewing photos of results is so important. It is always about the results.

Typcally a punch larger than .9mm will be easier to use, but tit will leave the little empty circle mark many have discussed in this forum.  .9mm is harder to use and lots of practice is required.  This came up a few years ago when Artas came around.  The problem is the Artas system will typically use a punch larger than .9mm.  Many believed Artas was the gold standard, and many still do.  

Throughout my career I've met many talented Clinical staff members that dissect and plant grafts. That's all they do.  And if off for a few days, this impacts their work.  Not that the doctor does not know how to do it, but this is not his job.  He should be in charge of the surgical part of the procedure, otherwise you'll be there a month.  

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I wouldn't get to hung up on equipment as at the end of the day its all about safety to the patient and of course the end result. Its all about a well recognised doctor and clinic that has produced great consistent results , and speak to previous patients with similar hair loss to your own.

More often than not its all about a team effort, but the doctor is controlling the HT and is with you every step of the way. Personally I would not be in favour of the doctor going in and out of surgery as this would indicate there is more than 1 surgery and more than 1 team so that means more margain for error.


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