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Is my hair loss too premature for HT?

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Hello - long-time lurker here. I've been following this website with great interest ever since I started more earnestly planning a hair transplant.

Current concern: I wonder if my hair loss is still too premature for an enduring result from hair transplant. I use 2x/day rogaine, 1x/week dermaroller, and 4x/week LLLT (custom 272 diode laser helmet). No finasteride, as my side-effects were intolerable (sexual and cognitive).

Clinical history with hair loss: I first noticed recession when I was 19; I used finasteride for about 8 months when I was 20, then started rogaine 2x/day when I turned 23. Have added dermaroller and LLLT - I am currently 31, with NW 2-3 (see my photos in my post). I have continued to lose hair very gradually. I prefer to keep my hair short and neat, and last year, for the first time, my hairline recession and crown/vertex thinning became more apparent in most lighting. Previously, it was relatively well-disguised.

Current plan of action: I have a 3 month break between jobs, and I'm currently planning to head to Turkey while I'm traveling in the region for an FUE of ~2500 grafts to improve density across the scalp and dense grafts to repair my hairline. *Because my native hair has decent coverage, I am hoping and assuming my shock-loss will be minimally apparent, and I will be able to look OK in an office setting within 8-12 weeks*.


1) Is my hair loss too premature to get long-term benefit from a hair transplant? I think my hair loss is very slowly progressing, and I wouldn't "plateau" for several more years, but I am already frustrated by the appearance of my hairline, and my shrinking hairstyle options. I don't want to bother with the procedure, however, if the risks outweigh the benefits (especially since my hair already looks "OK" - if the potential benefit is low, I don't want to risk this!). Does anyone have insight into this?

2) I have a lot of native hair, even if it is slightly miniaturized. Will the FUE and subsequent shock-loss knock out a lot of this hair, as well? Or can I expect it to grow out without an effluvium, prolonged anagen phase, etc.?

3) Am I simply being crazy and should I cancel the whole thing...

Thank you all so much for your input - we all know how much anxiety this causes, and simply posting on this forum is slightly relieving. Looking forward to contributing to the community.

Dry - Back of Head.jpg

left side.png

right side.png

face dry hair.png

hair top looking down.png

Dry - Top of head.jpg


Wet - Top of Head.jpg

wet hair face.png

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35 minutes ago, buzzcutaspiration said:

Wet - Top of Head.jpg


Given your thinning in the crown I suspect you might be headed to a norwood VI later in life actually

37 minutes ago, buzzcutaspiration said:


Dry - Back of Head.jpg


And based on this photo Im not sure if FUE is the best option given there seems to be some signs of thinning in your donor area. FUT might be the better option if you were to ultimately consider a HT.

Answers to your questions:

1) This answer has to be about what youre happy with, but if i were in your situation and I wasnt on fin I'd just try concealers and send out some consults to get proper medical assessments rather than rush into getting a HT in turkey just because of a break in your schedule.

2) Given you are not on fin i'd be concerned you would just end chasing your native hair losses for a while, so yes i would be concerned

3) There should be no rush. You obviously care enough to want to do something about hairloss so the next best thing to do is contact some clinics and get their perspectives. And as I said given what i suspect is some thinning in your donor zone I'd strongly suggest looking into clinics that handle FUT as well. 

Getting a HT is a big commitment so please don't rush into things. best of luck


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Im not sure if FUE is the best option given there seems to be some signs of thinning in your donor area.

Yeah, I'm not sure exactly what that is, but I've had that weird sparse area for like 5-10 years, and it's even weirder that the hair directly above it is extremely thick, so it's not like an expansion of crown thinning. I like to shave my back and sides very short, and any time it's shorter than a #3, that gets exposed. But I don't think it's progressively thinning - for example, it's exactly a #3 right now, and it's much less noticeable. At a #4, it is invisible. Still, I will definitely make a note of it to any surgeon not to harvest from that area.


Given your thinning in the crown I suspect you might be headed to a norwood VI later in life actually

Yeah, this certainly seems correct, although I thought this was true for all AGA?

back of head.jpg

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everyone balds differently, at different rates, throughout their entire lives, and some not at all.

The key thing to take away is if you are going to get a HT is to try and understand what your balding pattern will be and plan around it, and given you are still have a lot of hair but are also thinning you will likely need more than 1 HT in order to address future concerns. Im just some balding dude on a forum though, best to send some photos to clinics and get their feedback as to how to approach your hairloss (especially about the weird sparse area as they might have some insight). 

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I have that weird crown thinning that dips below as well, something to do with me having a double crown. I wouldn't risk the shock loss. You might be worse off after surgery. Try concealer, you will need just a bit. Or, get SMP to lessen the contrast between your scalp and hair.

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