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I have been getting a few request for information emails regarding Demirsoy in Turkey. He is a fantastic doctor. Below is script of a message I wrote to a brother in need and though to share it. It may be helpful. Sorry for the poor grammer. 

"I believe it has been a few years since I had the procedure completed with Demirsoy. I would rate the procedurea big thumbs up if you're looking to do but I would advise against it. 2 Years after the procedure I decided to shave my head completely. The procedure works great but you still have to continue supporting your hair with rogaine and quite frankly it became annoying at least for me having to do the same crap day in and day out. After I shaved my head it was huge relieve in that (1) I didn't have to worry about it anymore (2) save on barber costs (3) im better off with ladies for some reason (4) maintenance is so much easier (5) i can focus my mental energy on other things in life as opposed to worrying about this petty thing all the time. Both of my brothers are who are years younger than me are going through the same issue. They want to perform the procedure early but I am highly advising them both against it and I never give advice i actually hate giving advice. The purpose of life and living is to be completely liberated in the mind so we are not trapped in our heads constantly worrying about things. Something as petty as hairloss consumes so much of our energy and believe I was in that boat for almost 8 years debating to do it or not. Shave your head Man. Start living life. Having said that he is an excellent doctor. My uncle had the operation performed right after me. He still continues supporting his growth. Me on the other hand I did not want to be a slave to this so I just shaved my head." 

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that's pretty lame mate 

Just use fin 

We are all slaves to a bunch of things in life this isn't such a big deal if you value hair and a youthful look 

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