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Dating bald badass boys

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Hey there!  Why do you even bother about your hair loss? I love bald men. They look so badass. In out gay community they are the alpha's.  I would like to meet more of them

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ahah, lol, I even know such apps for gays... Don't ask me from where, but I only have to say that I found that apps from my friend, who turned out to be a gay... Really, he did a coming out in front of his family and then said it to me... However, I guessed he was a gay when I found in his browser history this link " gay sugar daddy dating apps free"... Seriously, nobody expected he is a gay, because he cared about his family and was a exemplary family man...

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There are millions of people in this world, there's bound to be a bit for everyone.  Everyone has their likes and dislikes but the universal thought, regardless of sex and ethnicity, is that we are a society that seeks beauty. Look at commercials on TV. We get bombarded by what the networks feel attracts us.  You are an exception, as I am sure there are others with similar tastes. 

Hair tends to do a number of things.  It can frame a face, it can make someone look younger and more attractive. But, there are guys out there that do look good with that particular look. 

There are many in this site that are here to help and provide information to those contemplating hair restoration.  Or perhaps to just be informed or learn something.  It is not to address an agenda.

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