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Androgenic Alopecia Treatment Questions/Options?

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So I made a post a few months ago regarding my first dermatologist appointment. Well I got a scalp biopsy done and the results are in: the doctors claims it's androgenic alopecia. Though the doctor seems concerned given that I'm only 27 years old and female and wants me to consult my primary care doctor and/or an endocrinologist as he feels he's unable to help me too much. He's especially concerned that I have a severely low vitamin D count (it was only 8 mg/mL when I got it checked in March. It should be around 30) and he isn't sure why so I'm getting that addressed. For the time being, before my primary care appointment later this month, I've been taking vitamin D supplements and trying to get out in the sun. I'm also still wondering if I have some underlying hormonal issues that weren't initially detected via my bloodwork so I'll be talking with my doctor about that. 

So my doctor sent out a letter with a list of recommendations for treatments/medicines to try out. Obviously the top suggestion was minoxidil, but I just don't know how I feel about it? Like I hear the foam can make hair feel weird and I'm unsure if there's a normal smelling shampoo for it? So that one's in the air at the moment til I get more information. 

But the second recommendation was Viviscal supplements. I did a bit of research and it seems like it could be legit. I've started them and am on day 12 now, obviously it's too soon to see if there are any real results. I'm also using the shampoo and conditioner that comes with it. Along with these things, I have been using a biotin serum by pureaty naturals that I massage onto my scalp after a shower and I also alternate my shampoo with one that has a rosemary base and claims to be a DHT blocker. And just for giggles, I occasionally put in peppermint oil at night before I go to bed. Might be a bit overkill but one of my mom's friends swears it helped grow some of his hair back. I'm skeptical, but no harm in trying I suppose. 

Is it silly to want to try more natural things? Should I suck it up and do minoxidil? If you guys suggest minoxidil, what brand would you all recommend and would you suggest I use the viviscal while using it? Or are there any things I'm not considering that may be able to help? I know a lot of people swear by finasteride, but there's so little research on how it affects women, I'm unsure of how I feel about the risks. I'm up for all suggestions though! My thinning is still fairly mild-ish I think, I mostly notice it around my bangs, temples, and hair part. I can still style my hair in a way that makes it less noticeable, but if I can try to get some of it back it would be ideal, but I am trying not to get my hopes up. 

Thank you all in advance. 

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