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This 50 year old patient requested frontal hairline restoration.  He underwent a 2200 graft session using FUE harvesting in accordance with his request to have the option of wearing very short hair styles.  Presented here are 18 month postop pics along with immediate postop views of the graft placement and two-week postop views (provided by the patient).


Preop Front



Hairline Plan Front View



Hairline Plan Tipped View



Hairline Plan Left



Hairline Plan Right



Postop Front View 1



Postop Front View 2



Postop Top View 1



Postop Top View 2



Postop Front Comb-back View



Postop Left



Postop Left Comb-back View



Postop Right



Postop Right Comb-back View



Immediate Graft Placement Top View



Immediate Graft Placement Right View



Immediate Graft Placement Left View



Two-week Postop Front View



Two-week Postop Right View


Edited by Dr. Raymond Konior
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That is a substantial lowering of the hairline for the # of grafts used.

A lot of ground covered. 

So, now can the doc come back and create more density in the immediate hairline?

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This is a great result, wow! It's good to see the temples were worked on too.  I know some places avoid doing temple work when possible.  

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Very interesting case:

- Shows that ultimate density is not the holy grail for a natural result

- People in their 50s still care about their hair

- Giving his conservative hairstyle, I wonder why this patient was focused on FUE

- The right/left view pics reveal that the angle of incisions change heavily within the first rows of the hairline (never seen it that clearly before and sorry for the lack of words) … the little things make a great result.     

+1 for the donor pics and some information about the harvesting method (manual, Waw,...)

Edited by Gasthoerer

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